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High Class Catering Company in Vancouver: Savoury Chef

Savoury Chef in Vancouver BC is one of the top high end catering companies in Canada today. They offer delightful dishes that are made from the best, local, and seasonal ingredients in the region. They cater to private events including holiday balls, weddings, and elegant productions such as the 2 consecutive Cirque du Soleil tour stops in Vancouver.

Ever since they have launched their company way back in 2006, they have more approximately 45 full time staff members and 120 part-time employees. The success and vast expansion of Savoury Chef is largely attributed to their vision and goals as a company. They aspire to continually grow and be an innovative leader in the food industry of the country.

Typical Customers

Their typical clients are from the business industry, as well as those that look to celebrate occasions such as weddings or birthdays. They have catered to several major events including Cirque Du Soleil, DMC’s travel events, gala award events, business launces, and the like. They also have a good reputation in the wedding industry because of their perfect execution in catering an event that is once in a lifetime. Read More


Overcoming Financial Crisis through Frugal Living

In order to live and survive, people need money. Good for those who have enough savings because they have something to rely on in case of emergency. But for those who are earning a small amount, saving may not be a priority. But saving is very important. No matter how much we earn, there should be a certain amount that we should allocate for our savings.

It is not all the time that we can borrow money from our friends and relatives to pay our bills and daily expenses and address emergencies. However, going for payday loans may be a good idea. Companies like QuickQuid are offering fast payday loan with flexible repayment terms. In order to save money from the interest, they also offer promo codes that customers, especially beginners, can use whenever they apply for a loan.

But in order to truly overcome financial crisis, having a frugal living is a better solution. Below are some frugal living tips to consider.

Narrow down expenses if possible

The most common monthly expenses we have in our household are the bills such as water bill, electric bill, Internet service fee, and others. If it is hard for you to pay your bills on time, try making advance payment arrangements to avoid paying extra charges or penalty. This way, you may be given a longer period of time to settle your bills. Read More


Spending Trends For 2015

At the beginning of every year, businesses and consumers are looking at the international trends that have potential impact of the economy. With the advancement of technology, spending trends for 2015 will focus more on online spending, digital finance solutions and new payment systems. For each nation, the trends may not be experienced all but there are some that the consumers must look out for 2015. This is the year of spending and digital finance. With the rise of online services and smart devices more than ever, the lives of the people are more convenient and easier to transact online.

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Here are the finance trends that you should be aware of:

Mobile Payment Systems

With the launching of mobile apps as payment systems like the SnapScan of Standard Bank, Apple Pay and many more, the lives of the consumers are a lot quicker and becoming easier to pay when shopping. Experts say that mobile payment system is the more preferred method of payment and brands like Uber is fast rising. The reasons for the increasing mobile payment system are convenient for consumers and the businesses can capitalize quickly to retain and further increase their customer base. However, this is also the time when the consumers must take extra effort not to become impulsive buyers because the more convenient the payment system has become, it will also be easier to overspend.

Greater Focus on Authentication and Security

Some of the ongoing battles of e-commerce sites and financial institutions are combating financial scams and fraud. This year, the concerned institutions and sector of the financial industry will focus more on how to strengthen authentication and security by creating new security measures as well as payment authentications to enforce protection of the personal information of the consumers. New authentication systems are going to increase this year such as biometrics like fingerprint scanning to prevent access of sensitive data by cyber criminals.

One of the online scams or fraud is the binary options. Financial experts said that the people doing online financial activities should not gamble with this kind of scheme.  Binary options websites have become more popular as they appear as,,,, and more. The sites can entice consumers especially those enthusiasts of poker online. Also, they have binary options brokers who represent and offer the investments of the websites. Do not be fooled by them, they are just purely gambling sites that offer a so-called great business and they always advertise that anyone joining them will earn 75% and 81% profit every hour or even less than.

Online Shopping Will Increase

Over the previous years, online shopping sites have grown tremendously and they also addressed the clamor of the consumers to improve security measures. More and more consumers have realized the benefits and convenience of online shopping, they can save both money and time. The consumers prefer online shopping more to avoid the long queues at the stores and take advantage of free delivery and of course, special online deals. With online shopping, consumers should adopt online shopping practices which are safe and avoid impulse spending to avoid unnecessary debt.

Spending trends for 2015 will shift more to online transactions but the consumers should be extra cautious to avoid online frauds and scams.


The Best Time to Acquire Mortgage

The mortgage business is usually slow in the mortgage business; however, this time around, it is strangely quiet.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), for the week ending January 2, 2015, the total mortgage application volume decreased to 9.1% from 2 weeks earlier, on a seasonally adjusted basis. This reading included additional adjustments for Christmas and New Year (during the days when the banks were closed).

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Refinancing application of existing mortgages has reduced by 12% from two weeks ago, says the MBA, while the mortgage applications to buy a new home decreased by 5%. Throughout 2014, December is the slowest month in the housing industry, which is attributed more on sales rather than just the winter chill.

MBA’s chief economist said, “Beyond the seasonal slowdown, purchase application volume remains about 8 percent below last year’s level, indicating that homebuyers are still cautious.”

Consumers are still cautious despite the decreasing mortgage interest rates. Today, the average contract interest rates for 30-year fixed rate mortgages decreased to 4.01% from 4.04%. Falling bond yields this week has reduced the interest rates even lower.

According to Mortgage News Daily (MND), the average rate on the 30 year fixed is now a full quarter point lower than the average rates during the last half of December.

Because of the falling interest rates on mortgage, it is probably the best time to acquire loans. Inquire with your local banks and lending institutions about the requirements for loan application now. On the other hand, if you think that your credit rating is a bit on the downside, you might want to try applying for a guarantor loans. Or, you may help a friend and be a guarantor yourself.

Tenant guarantor loans are granted to borrowers who pose great risks to the lending institution. Instead of disapproving the loan application, lenders usually require these high-risk borrowers to present a guarantor who will agree that they will repay the loan in the event that the primary borrower will default on it. It is important to note that guarantors should be someone who is liquid enough to ensure that they are capable of repayment. The most common guarantor is a parent that serves as a guarantor for a child’s mortgage.

Becoming a Guarantor

If someone asks you to be a guarantor of a loan, it is very important that you should first evaluate your relationship with them. Know whether he is likely to default on payments or not; to be sure, you can ask the borrower for the details of their current financial situation and how they plan to repay the loan. Then, discuss this situation with the mortgage broker so that he will be aware of the situation. Aside from that, you should also be aware of the details of the loan; the proposed loan contract, interest rates, as well as the amount of the installments. You may also ask the lender whether or not they are willing to set a time limit on your obligation as a guarantor. As soon as that is clear and as soon as you have agreed on the terms, sign the paper works; note that your name will not appear on the deeds.


Top Brokers in Trading

Here’s a list of the top binary option brokers that you can choose from in order to ensure that you find the one that will best suit your needs. This article will give you information about several binary brokers in terms of their market availability, trading limits plus their minimum deposit amounts.

Top Binary Brokers

Boss Capital

If you are a trader that is based in the US, Boss Capital offers various banking options to US customers. Aside from that they can pay out every resident in the US quickly as soon as they have requested a withdrawal. With various banking options, you will always be in full control; when and how you make deposits and withdrawal.

heres a list of the top binary option brokers


24Option offers various types of binary option types and trades. One type of binary option is the High Low Binary Options wherein everyone that trades needs to predict whether the asset will rise or fall in terms of value at a certain time. Another type is Early Closure Binary Options where you will have the chance to close the trade earlier than expected in order to lock in the profit. Other types are also available.

Magnum Options

Magnum Options is designed to appeal both first time traders and expert traders. Trading accounts may be set in US Dollars and you may not be forced to pay any types of Forex fees when making a deposit or withdrawal. Requests may be processed quickly.


Is Credit Monitoring Services Safe?

Credit monitoring services are not for everyone. However, if you want to be keen with your credit, there are great services that can help you. Generally, people who have been victims of credit fraud and disagree with the fact that they should only check their credit report only twice or once a year have availed these services. The Federal Trade Commission of the US said that a victim will notice or become aware of identity theft after 12 months on the average. By getting the credit monitoring service, you will be alerted daily or weekly in case there are some changes in your credit, as a result, this will help you stop the fraud before it goes out of hand.

Consider these facts, about 10 million Americans are victims of identity theft and each victim incurs an average of $5,000 but two-thirds of the victims who knew the fraud within five months of the incident did not incur extra expenses. This is the advantage of the services they provide, they cannot prevent credit fraud but they can greatly reduce the impact.

An important reminder that you should understand before getting any service is to be familiar with these facts:

Is it safe to hire? All the companies are reputable at the same time they are major corporations which are publicly traded. This means that they will not risk the company’s reputation and they use the latest encryption, data security technologies and consumer screening to ensure the information of the clients are protected.

credit monitoring services

Will it hurt your credit score? Definitely no, since every consumer has the right to check his credit report without affecting his credit score or credit. Requesting a credit report is referred to as a consumer pull, it has no bearing on your credit. The only scenario that can affect your credit is when you are going to ask a potential creditor to inquire your credit score. For instance, you want to apply for a car loan and you allow the dealership to get a copy of your credit report, this can affect because it means that you are opening new credit lines.

Why do you need to fill-out all the information needed in the order form? Disclosing your personal information is very important when you hire their services so that they can verify your identity too. They have advanced security screens that ensure the request is valid and you are genuine.

When you sign up, are you going to be alerted in case someone opens your new credit account? You will be alerted of credit inquiries in case there is a potential creditor requesting a credit check.

Hiring the services of credit monitoring companies helped many consumers from incurring thousands of dollars from identity theft.


The Value of a Business Administration Degree

Students considering applying to a university undergraduate program in business administration, most commonly called the BBA degree or bachelor of science business administration degree, usually want to better understand the inner workings of a business environment.

However, the BBA is quite a broad-based degree at most universities around the world, and students considering this bachelor’s degree should look carefully at the specific fields of study involved. These fields often include courses that teach:Finance MarketingManagementEconomicsInternational BusinessOperations ManagementHuman Resources or Industrial RelationsEntrepreneurshipBusiness Ethics

Seek a university bachelor of business administration program that offers students a well-rounded approach by requiring liberal arts courses as part of the degree requirements. These degree programs often broad a student’s exposure to the career possibilities upon graduation.Business Administration Degrees Vary by University

The Value of a Business Administration Degree

In addition, many universities offer different types of business administration degrees. For example, at the Schulich School of Business at Canada’s York University, students choose from two business administration degrees: the BBA and the International Bachelor of Administration.

Graduates of a business administration degree program enter the workforce with a solid understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of business operations and often have a field of interest.

The continued popularity of the BBA degree can be linked to the array of job prospects and career paths taken by graduates. Jobs are found in banking, services, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, government and nonprofit organizations. In some cases, graduates use skills earned during school to start a business from scratch or buying a firm.

A graduate with a bachelor of business administration is prepared for a variety of careers including:AccountantBankerControllerHuman Resources ManagerChief Executive OfficerRetail ManagerMarketing DirectorHigher Education ExecutiveMunicipal Manager

The Value of a Business Administration Degree

Students shopping for a university with high quality undergraduate business administration degree programs are encouraged to turn to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or AACSB, for an accredited listing of degree programs.

The AACSB is an association of educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations devoted to the advancement of higher education in management education. It is also the premier accrediting agency of collegiate business schools and accounting programs worldwide.BBA Degree Programs, Bachelor of Science Business Administration Can Lead to MBA

Business administration degree graduates often work for several years after graduation, then return to university to earn a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. The competitive entrance requirements of top MBA schools usually mean that BBA graduates will have a better chance of being offered admission with a few years of work experience.

A BBA is an undergraduate degree that will remain popular in both good economic times and in bad. The range of jobs, the upward career possibilities for graduates and a bright future as a graduate student in business administration remain the degree’s most appealing features.


3 Best Return On Investment Ideas

Return on investment can be controlled to a certain extent with 3 things. The SOR or speed of return, Leverage and Personal Cash control.

3 Best Return On Investment Ideas

Speed of ReturnOne of the biggest ways a yearly compounding rate can be increased is to invest for faster turn around cycles. If you can find investments that actually have a one or two week cycle, that is much stronger than a yearly cycle. What sort of investments can be made to achieve a turn around transaction in a week or a month? Well, anything can be called an investment if it delivers a return! Think of something as simple as buying a cheap car and cleaning it thoroughly. Selling it for 20% more over a month is considered, in anybody’s books as an investment and a return!

LeverageAvailable capital can be magnified using leverage. A $100 dollar account can be turned into a $1000 using borrowed money. If the yield is 10% then on $100 you would have made $10 but if you made a bigger purchase with borrowed money, the same yield is 10% of $1000 which equals $100 so in real terms you have made a 100% return. This, we need to be aware is based on having a "segregated seed capital account"

Personal Cash Control

Having ready access to your cash puts you in a position to swoop on good opportunities when they present themselves. There is a plethora of opportunities that can be had for people with the available funds. Anything from a small business in trouble whose assets are worth more than the asking price (which you can sell off for a profit) to under valued consumer goods which can be resold for a profit, or even dabbling in importing from China.

3 Best Return On Investment Ideas

The best ways to increase your speed of return can have a dramatic impact on your annual compounding goals and with a little smart planning anybody can achieve compounding rates of 100% or even more each year. This is not difficult using the above three strategies. But please be aware that caution must always be used with leverage. Using leverage or "OPM" (other peoples money) can and is, the most significant cause of blown seed capital accounts amongst investors. Even if you can increase at a rate of 100% per year, my advice is to GET RICH SLOWLY! Slow but steady compounding is much more acceptable for people wanting certain arrival rather than hopeful riches!

3 Best Return On Investment Ideas

If you need money now, like I mean in the next hour, try what I did. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too, read the amazing, true story, in the link below. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too.


Commercial Health Insurance

Like many people around the United States, you are more than likely offered some type of commercial health insurance plan through your employer. Before you are committed, and paying for this service, there are a few different pros, and also cons, that you should consider, before moving forward.

Commercial Health Insurance

Commercial health insurance, which you may also hear be referred to as private health insurance, is insurance that is provided by a company, with profit gaining purposes. This type of insurance, is not offered, or controlled by the government, in any way. There are key things you need to know, before committing to a plan. In exchange for the services, all clients must be willing to pay the premiums they agreed to, in an exchange for coverage. If you are purchasing this plan through your employer, they are more than likely paying a percentage of your premiums. This will make you a part of their " group plan", along with the other employees.

There are three main types of commercial health insurance. The Service Plan, is by far the most popular. This where the people who hold the insurance policy, are given a list of physician’s that they are able to utilize, and must choose off that list, for the insurance to cover it. If someone is to choose a doctor who is not in the network, they may have to pay a higher co pay, or they may have to pay for everything in full, themselves. HMO, is second. This is the health maintenance organization. In this plan, you again must pick physicians off the established list given to you by your insurance provider, and you must have a doctors referral to see a specialist of any kind. Lastly, there is fee for service coverage. This means that coverage is based on the procedures that are taking place, instead of the physician.

Commercial Health Insurance

When you are getting ready to decide on a commercial health care plan, you need to make sure that it is going to cover all of the things that you need. This could be anything from infants shots, to yearly check ups for adults. Go through previous years medical statements, to make a list of average times at the doctor, and what you can expect for the upcoming year. You want to make sure you are aware of your premiums, and that if there were to be an emergency, you would have all of the coverage that you needed. Not having the proper medical coverage can provide financial burdens, and you want to be taken care of.


Manage Your Finances Well With Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation actually helps you to rectify your previous mistakes committed under a lot of stress and anxiety. With debt consolidation you can pay off your debts faster and save money at the same time for your future use. It is quite surprising, but the rate of interest for such debt consolidation loans is relatively low and allows you to pay off your debts smoothly and within a specified time frame. All you need to do is combine all your outstanding loans into one payable loan amount and eliminate the pain of multiple payments to various financial institutions.

Manage Your Finances Well With Debt Consolidation

Advantages of debt consolidation loans:By consolidating your loan you can put an end to multiple payments every month. You can pay off your debts by writing one single check to your creditor. Debt consolidation provides you with flexible repayment options keeping your credit history in mind. It offers you competitive interest rates best suiting your needs. And in some of the cases you need not have to pay any taxes upon the interest amount that you are paying.

How does consolidation help you to become debt free?Through the consolidation process you can combine all your outstanding debts into a single lump sum loan amount. The credit counselors make your life easy by negotiating with your creditors to obtain low interest rates and flexible repayment options. They also help avoiding penalty payments for the same. You no longer have to deal with your creditors individually and neither do you have to receive irritating reminder calls harassing you for your payments. All you need to do is just sit and relax while the expert counselors take off the burden from your head. So in a way debt consolidation makes your life a lot easier because you get the option of concentrating on paying a single loan amount instead of multiple payments.

Manage Your Finances Well With Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation helps you to create and manage your budget in a much better way. A well defined budget is the foundation towards a successful wealth management. This assists you to manage and coordinate your finances to improve your credit rating. Most importantly, it helps to track and curb your expenses and find ways to supplement your income if required. A good credit counseling program can help you to achieve this.

Manage Your Finances Well With Debt Consolidation

Types of debt consolidation loans:There are two types of consolidation loans. Secured consolidation loans and unsecured consolidation loans. Against a secured consolidation loan you are required to pledge a property such as your home, car or any other tangible asset that you own. This can lower your interest rate to a considerable amount and also help you to avoid paying any penalty as such.

Unsecured consolidation loans on the other hand require no such property to be pledged against them. Hence there is no risk of losing your home or other assets incase you become a defaulter. However the rate of interest is little higher as compared to the secured loans. Whether to opt for a secured or an unsecured loan, completely depends upon your financial ability judged by the credit counseling experts.